Your Questions About What Do You Eat On The Hcg Diet

Charles asks…

im on the hcg, now what?

i bought the HCG diet and now im wanting to know how exactly do i keep the weight off? and if i eat less then the 500 calories will i loose more weight?? and what about water intake, i heard if you drink more water you‘ll loose more weight is this true?
Thanks for telling me about other diets, but all i want to know about is the HCG, has anyone tried this and succeeded if so please share!
i just barely started this too
im really short im 5’1 and i weigh 154. I recently started gaining a ton of weight and have been having trouble loosing. I dont look extremely huge, but i still want to fit in my jeans

Hcg Diet answers:

I’m not familiar with that diet, but I do know that anytime you eat to few calories, your body with go into “starvation mode” and start protecting itself by slowing your metabolism to hold onto calories and fat. But drinking lots of water can help, by flushing out toxins. But make sure that you keep an eye on your salt intake, otherwise you will just retain water like crazy. But you do need some sodium and keep a healthy number of calories for your height/ideal weight. For myself, at 5’9″, I was told anything less than 1000 a day would be harmful. You will still lose a lot of weight if you go down to 1000-1200.

Lisa asks…

I want to lose weight, but my dad won’t let me diet…help? I weigh 203 at 15 years old.?

I’m 5’1, 203 pounds, and 15 years old. Honestly I really don’t like it, at all. But I am. I’m not ugly, I’m a pretty girl. (So it’s not about my self esteem, it’s about my freaking health).
Alright, well let’s start from when I was a kid. I have a pretty good metabolism. And I was skinny as a very young child, when he wasn’t taking care of me(My grandma was).
But my dad started making me eat. 2 or 3 plates at a time, and I didn’t really think anything of it because I was a kid and liked to eat.
But then gradually, I gained more and more weight. And now I’m in High School, and it’s starting to be an issue. I told him I wanted to diet, and he said “No, you‘re going to be fat in High School, then I’ll put you on the HCG Diet when you‘re 18. I don’t want you to be hot right now.” and he started yelling at me.
I thought it was the meanest thing, ever, that he put my health on the line for such a stupid reason. And I asked him why he did that to me(fattened me up before High School) and he said “I didn’t want you to be a little hottie. Sorry, you can lose it later in life. You have plenty of time to lose it, you‘re not losing it right now. That was the plan since you were born.” and I was PISSED.
What do I do? I NEED to lose weight now, not in 3 years!
I can’t walk 1/4 of a mile without wanting to die! I need this weight off, fast.
Please help /:

Hcg Diet answers:

* Take one pound at a time
* Set Reachable Goals
* Stay off the scales
* Stay focused on being healthy, not thin
* Fat Free?
* Drink plenty of water
* Reward yourself
* Seek help if you need it
* Watch your portions
* Eat your food slowly

Good Luck and Take care :-)

Paul asks…

Any raw fooders out there…experience with low hcg levels and pregnancy?

I posted previous question suggesting that my diet might have something to do with low levels of HCG. I don’t think people understand how much food affects our chemistry. It has everything to do with EVERYTHING that happens in your body…especially hormone levels!
I am pretty sure that low hcg levels would correspond with raw vegan diet, based on my reading over the last year, but just want to check with other raw fooders who might have some more info…or resources. It is really difficult to get help from people who do not understand what it means to eat ‘raw foods’.
I have been eating this way for over a year…I do not experience a lot of gas as was suggested by someone responding to my first post. Actually, my husband who eats your SAD (standard american diet- vegetarian style) experiences much more gas than I ever do…and much more offensive! Thank you for your response though.

Hcg Diet answers:

I do not eat many raw foods, but I have read the book “The Infertility Cure” by Dr. Randine Lewis, which discusses the effect of food (especially raw, organic foods) on your hormones. It might provide some helpful information. Good luck!

Michael asks…

Why am I pooping/farting mucus? Sorry gross! But help?

Lately I’ve been pooping and mucus comes out and shows up on the toilet paper or little pieces of poop come out with mucus on it. About 3 days ago I had HORRIBLE explosive diarrhea from eating too much and afterwards I thought I’d feel better and I’d be cleaned out. I thought that the mucus was from being so backed up with junk. Well today I tried to go again and just a teeny piece of mucus came out and then on the toilet paper there was alot of mucus, greenish/yellow color and you can tell it has a sticky texture to it. Look, I am sorry this is WAY gross and I hate to ask this on here but does anybody know what could be wrong? I had my blood checked almost two weeks ago and everything came back fine except I have high cholesterol and I am close to being diabetic so my doctor is having me start HCG diet later this week to get my weight down and be more healthy. Will my bowels return to normal when I start this diet and start eating better? What I don’t get is….I drink TONSSSS of water and eat lots of fruit, mainly bananas and since I was told I am pre-diabetic a week ago Ive been staying away from fried, sugary, and greasy foods. I am going back to see my doctor in a month and Im embarassed to discuss this with him :S Any advice?? Please no immature/rude comments. Thanks. Could I have IBS? What‘s the best treatment for this?

Hcg Diet answers:

Wow that’s awful! There’s a link to IBS below. You know if you got some nasty stuff in your gut you could try activate charcoal (also linked below) to absorb toxins and gas in your belly. If you use the activated charcoal don’t take it with other medicines and don’t take it too often as it could rob your body of nutrients but it’s non-toxic and the absorbency of activated charcoal is huge. Ask a pharmacist for more help.

EDIT: Don’t take my advice but go ask your pharmacist for sure about activated charcoal. Also activated charcoal does wonders for to much alcohol consumption.

David asks…

HCG weight loss questions!! Preferably someone who has done the program!?

1. How much did you lose and how long did it take you to lose the weight? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

2. Are there any harmful side effects you expirienced while on the program?

3. What did you basically eat while on the program?

4. Are you not allowed to wear make-up or use certain beauty products while on hcg?

5. Have you kept the weight off? How are you doing that?
Are you excercising? Do you still eat the way you did on hcg?

6. When you‘re done with the program, can you eat unhealthy foods again or will you just gain the weight back? (I just mean that I don’t want to never be able to have a french fry again.)

7. Do you have to eat only 500 calories a day? If you don’t, will the hcg not work?

8. If you can only eat 500 calories a day, then do you get hungry?

9. I have decided to do the injections for 23 days, but after that i have to stop the injections for 23 days. Do I still have to be on the 500 calorie diet? If so, how do I deal with hunger (if it’s even a problem at all)?

10. I’ve read that if someone loses weight rapidly they get extra sagging skin. Was that a problem for you?

11. Did you ever go out to eat at a resturant while on hcg?

12. Can you give me the gist of what each phase is and what you have to do on them?

Hcg Diet answers:

Have you tried hte Lil Jack workout? Http:// this one ir pretty good

Mark asks…

hcg dieters! im sorry to ask a question again but i need help..?

im sorry to keep asking questions about it but this is my first time. I keep on cheating on the diet! i don’t know why im so use 2 eating when im hungry, and between the hours u get hungry, but i don’t know what to i suppose to drink a bottle of water when im hungry, or stay hungry until its time to eat the next meal?.. and can i do a exercise tape, walk, and exercising my ball for the exercising part. i really want to lose weight before may 25. i really need help! can you please help me?

Hcg Diet answers:

You should not be getting hungry, that’s the first issue to address:

1. Drink LOTS and LOTS of Water, min. 2 qtrs per day! Drink all day long!
2. Assuming your on the Oral Drops version increase your drops to 8-10 drops 6 times per day.
3. Cut out all artificial sweeteners! Use only Stevia!
4. Limit Caffeine to 1-2 cups of coffee for caffienated tea per day.
6. Add Hoodia, just Hoodia, not a diet pill that has Hoodia in it. This helps suppress the appetite.
7. Take Vitamin B-12 daily!

Following this suggestions should go along way to curbing your cheating. Remember will power is the key!

Also, you may want to do a Candida Cleanse. Candida (yeast) occurs in our body when it gets overgrown it can cause severe cravings and hungry even if you don’t have an “infection”. Your local health food store and vitamin place should be able to recommend a good Candida Cleanse for you to take.

Sharon asks…

diet question! on kevin trudeaus new nook “The weight loss cure” thank you very much!!! i really wanna get rid

okay. so my mom comes home with this diet book, and it being a book, i opened and read the first page and i was interested… and then i finished the book and became intrigued.
summer is over you guys. am i the only one who gained weight after coming back from vacation? well, i gained quited a foot LBS staying on the computer, eating, then sleeping for about two-3 wks… ALOT!! and i really wanted your opinion on this diet.
you see, its a diet made to help you lose weight and keep it off, as well as working those problem areas… but im a bit concerned. it requires the use of a hCG injections daily as well as the use of alot of tea’s and cleansers and pills and drinks and stuff… though, supposedly everything is natural or “organic” ??
the thought of me putting a whole bunch of stuff into my body terrifies me…but i also have a strong feeling that by doing so the weight that i have been trying to lose forever will be gone!!
i dont know what to do!!
by the way im gonna be 16 ^^

Hcg Diet answers:

O.K., I have personal experience with the Kevin Trudeau’s diet plan. First of all, it’s not his diet plan. He is just reporting on what he found from a clinic in Europe that used this diet to help many rich people lose weight.

It works. My girl friend lost about 20 pounds in 30 days on the diet. She followed it exactly and the weight came off. Surprise, surprise, it didn’t come back. The weight has stayed off. The reason is that the weight she lost was “stored fat” just as the book claims. She got the injections and she said they were very easy to do.

Most diets, like the Jenny Craig’s, Nutrisystem diets, etc. All cause you to lose the fat that surrounds the organs and not stored fat. That is why you become dependent upon them and can never keep the weight off.

Stay completely away from ALL soy products. Soy slows your thyroid down, inhibits mineral absorption, and creates many other problems with the body.

Avoid ALL vegetable oils. When you heat them, they produce huge amounts of “trans fats.” If you don’t believe this, you can perform the same experiment a very famous Harvard Researcher did in front of a group to show what happens to this garbage when heated. He took a glass of Canola Oil, put it in front of a white screen, aimed an ultra violet light at the oil and projected the image on the white screen. He then heated the oil to boiling for 1 minute. Then he placed the heated oil in front of the screen, shinned the ultra-violet light through it and oh, the colors, the beautiful colors showing the oil had polymerized into a huge amount of trans fats. All the soybean oil and canola oils are genetically engineered now and most of them are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. Very bad for you.

Only use olive oil when oil is required in cooking.

In regard to weight loss, sugar is the real culprit and you must avoid ALL soft drinks and sugar foods. This will help you lose weight the fastest.

Good luck to you

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