Your Questions About If Im Taking Accutane

Ken asks…

would it be okay to try the tanning bed once while im taking accutane?

i want to tan really bad and was wondering if it would be okay if i go to the tanning bed once and see how i do? maybe stay 10 min.

Hcg Diet answers:


Your skin is overly sensitive to the sun while on Accutane. It is recommended that you use an insane level SPF and keep covered while in the natural sun…which is less harmful than the UV/UVA levels in a tanning bed.

If you are really set on being tan, I would recommend using some self-tanner to give yourself a little color and then, once it’s actually warm out (I live in Detroit; I’m guessing you live somewhere cold too if you’re talking about tanning beds…) you can slowly decrease your SPF as your skin becomes more used to the sun. That being said, I would never recommend going below 15 on your body and 45 on your face.

You can also ask your dermatologist if s/he has any recommendations on how you can get a little color (just to keep your Vitamin D levels up, of course…) without frying. S/he may have some tips for you.

Good luck! Enjoy your soon-to-be-clear skin! :]

Sandy asks…

Can Diane 35 cause hair loss? Im 20yrs old and im currently taking accutane and diane for my acne.

Im confused!! Is Diane or accutane supposed to increase or decrease hair on my head? im taking 40mg of accutane a day. Im only taking Diane35 and accutane for my acne, however im scared if my hair starts falling out or getting thin, i really dont want to go through that, any help please? Any specific vitamins suggested to use with those medications? please help, THANKS

Hcg Diet answers:

Eee.. See i kind of know how you feel..

I myself am taking Diane because of my acne.. But the worst things i heard about it were the possible effects of blood clots (which can be caused by any birth control medication, although Diane is slightly different because it is no longer marketed as birth control and marketed more for girls who have difficulty with acne because it is slightly more dangerous..)

However I refused to be on accutane.. I saw what it put my friend through with the constant dryness of her face and the nausiating feeling that i didn’t want to go down that path, even though for her that worked after all the pain and suffering.. And actually i knew a few other people who have been on accutane.. And I have never heard as hair loss as one of the side effects.. You may want to double check with your doctor.. Or even look at the accutane site..

I hope all goes well, and good luck to you!!

David asks…

im taking accutane and wanna join track?

but it is sunny some days and was wondering if it is possible to join with the sunny days. i am aware that my face is more vulnerable to the sun but if i wear sunscreen is it ok?

Hcg Diet answers:

DO NOT EXPOSE UR SELF TO THE SUN WHILE TAKING ACCUTANE…it’s not a good idea…why not take accutane IN WINTER :P tht way u’ll get through the 4-6 months and then ur fine for the summer !!!

James asks…

im considering taking accutane but i dont know if i should?

i take creatine for working out. Specifically kry-alkaline, nitric oxide, and fuzion a-akg3 and i bet that would mess with the cycle. So im just wondering if i can or should take those supplements while on accutane.

Hcg Diet answers:

Make SURE your doctor knows what you are doing.

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