Your Questions About If Im Taking Accutane

Thomas asks…


If im only 12 and im taking Accutane, do i need to get pregnacy and blood test every month? or can i skip those????????

Hcg Diet answers:

You should only need to get the pregnancy tests if you are sexually active, but the blood tests are important to make sure that your liver enzymes are ok because Accutane can cause the liver to fail.

Maria asks…

Does accutane help take away red marks from acne?

Im taking accutane for my acne and i was wondering if it will also help clear the red marks on my face also from acne??

Hcg Diet answers:

I am not sure what you mean by “red marks”, but it should help clear the acne, but unfortunately will not help the “scarring” left behind sometimes. If the red marks are inflammation or red pigment around the acne lesions, yes, I think those should diminish as the acne clears up.

Joseph asks…

will accutane affect the healing of the cuts on my skin?

so i kinda stacked it while riding on my bike and scraped my skin lightly but its really painfull…
coz im taking accutane im kinda worried that it might not heal properly coz ive heard that accutane slows the healing process
so i was wondering if me taking accutane will in fact affect the cuts that i got…
thanks =]

Hcg Diet answers:

It can affect platelet count. This shouldn’t be significant. It’s sore because of your fall, not the isotretinoin. It should heal fine.

Mark asks…

Im thinking about taking accutane..?

Im 16 and i have some pretty bad acne and ive tried literally everything. Ive been thinking about accutane but im still not to sure about it. I know theres alot of side effects but i was wondering if anyone who’s ever taken it has ever got any of those side effects. Most people ive talked to havent. Im still a little nervous about it but i really want my face to clear up. Thanks!

Hcg Diet answers:

Most doctors won’t want to do it. Accutane is similar to vitamin A and can cause very serious birth defects. There are legal restrictions against giving it to a woman of child bearing age, but can be done.

I’m not saying you plan to have children now, but teen pregnancy is common, so the doctors have to protect themselves from lawsuits.

It’s also hard on your liver and you have to avoid the sun completely while you are on it.

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