Your Questions About Hcg Drops And Blood Clots

Joseph asks…

HELP…would love answers ASAP…blood clots and REAL heavy period after miscarrige, is this normal?

So on october 5th i took a home pregnancy test after missing a period. I never missed so i figured that i was pregnant…low and behold I was. Well within the week i started spotted…i had a miscarriage 4 years ago so i was pretty sure that was what was happening again. I went to doctors on october 12th, took hcg levels…levels were good…took another blood test on the 15th got hcg level test back on the 16th, they dropped in half so dr. claimed miscarriage.

Well spotting started back around the 9th, got heavy week before last for a few days, thought i passed everything. Then started spotting again last Friday, not this past friday. Overall been spotting/bleeding for about 3 weeks now. I went to doctors this past Friday telling them that I was still spotting, did hcg and levels had dropped down to not pregnant so that was a good sign, dr. checked cervix and that was fine too…so she said that I was just having a period now…so I was like ok.

Well that was Friday, yesterday it got so bad that I bled through my pad…that has never happened to me in the 14 years that I hvae been getting my period that has never happened! Freaked me out. Well got washed up and changed and what not, an hour later my pad was FULL i mean saturarated, and I had some clots, not normal sized that I typically get iwth my period but really big in comparison. Normally pass clots like the size of dime now they’re mostly like a quarter size and some are a bit bigger. So last was changing my pad every hour. This morning i bled through again…earlier in the day it didn’t seem bad so wasn’t paranoid about changing every hour on the hour, so went two hours and i had bled through! I was like omg not again! Now it seems to have slowed down again but yet still very heavy in comparison to my normal periods.

So my question is, is it normal to have a REALLY heavy period with bigger clots? Or maybe it is normal to have a period like this for your first period after a miscarriage? IDK…As i said i have never seen this before in my 14 years of having periods so a little freaked out. I haven’t had a chance to see the doctor yet since it’s the weekends was planning on getting ahold of the doctor tomorrow but figured maybe osmeone out there may have experienced something like this and could help ease my mind til i saw the doctor tomorrow. Thanks! HELP!

Hcg Diet answers:

I would see if they can ultrasound your uterus (womb) and see if there was any damage from the miscarriage. I am sorry to hear of your losses. I hope you do ok.

Steven asks…

How do you know you need a D&C for a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage starting on Sunday September 23rd. It started out as spotting but by Monday night had turned into heavier bright red bleeding with clots and cramps. Today on Thursday I am still having really heavy bleeding with cramps and blood clots. On Sunday at the ER there was a sac with no baby in it on the ultrasound. On Tuesday at the doctors my hCG blood levels had already began to drop from Sunday. I’m starting to worry that the cramps and heavy bleeding hasn’t really let up. I’m wondering how long should I let this go on before getting concerned? Like is there a chance I may still need a D&C even though I am bleeding so much? I was almost 7 weeks along when all of this happened. My last miscarriage I was 5 weeks along and it didn’t seem so painful or to last so long before slowing down.

Hcg Diet answers:

Your doctor will probably want to test you again to see if your levels have dropped to zero after a period of time. If your levels haven’t dropped to zero you might need intervention (D&C) to complete the process.
I have had 4 miscarriages — 3 of them I opted to have a D&C to prevent what you are going through right now. On my third pregnancy, I was like you with clotting and cramps and the doctor did not see the need to do a D&C.
I am sorry for your loss. I know this is a difficult time.
Call your doctor with any questions like this. Keep at them until you get your questions answered. A situation like this is confusing and heartbreaking enough without having to wonder what the next step is.

Good luck

Jenny asks…

HCG levels dropped but baby is still okay?

Okay. I went to the ER last night because I passed a big blood clot. They took my hcg levels and they dropped 2,000 just from yesterday so they did an ultrasound. As soon as they put the u/s on me I saw the heart pumping great and it was such a clear picture! The baby grew so much!!! It tripled in size!!!! I saw it moving it’s little arms and everything! So why did my levels drop if baby’s heart is still pumping and the baby is still moving?
Oh I forgot to say Im 9 weeks exactly.
Sorry. I’m also not bleeding anymore just spotting lightly.

Hcg Diet answers:

I’m not an expert, but am also 9 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old. I know that hcg levels peak around now, and then they start to go down and level off. Here’s a site I found for you to see how the levels are at each week. Http://
I’m sure everything’s fine, especially if the ER wasn’t concerned. I would still see your OBGYN on Monday to be safe. Good luck to you and your baby!

Donna asks…

I had a positive preg test in july, had blood tests done and my Hcg was 1640< then last week they had dropped?

they had dropped to 800, the hospital say i was 7weeks and i have misscarried but i havent passed any clots or anything, still pregnant?

Hcg Diet answers:

It sounds like an Early Pregnancy Failure. I had this happen to me about 2 years ago. My doc said it was a blighted ovum; it’s where a fertilized egg implants, but there is a problem in early cell devision where the placenta develops, but the fetus does not. I went almost 3 months before I found out – and I found out during an ultrasound (placenta, but no fetus in the gestational sac). It’s your body’s way of preventing birth defects. I WAS DEVASTATED! The good news is that it’s just ‘one of those things’ and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with YOU, in fact, it shows that everything is working the way it should. This typically only happens to a woman once, rarely twice or more and it’s more likely to happen as you age. There are lots of online communities and blogs about this that helped me understand and move on. Just type Blighted Ovum or Early Pregnancy Failure into your search engine and you’ll get lots of results. I’m 38, this happened to me when I was 36. BUT, now I’m 29 weeks pregnant and everything is going well, so there’s hope. :) Good luck!

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