Your Questions About Coffee Before Drug Test

Mary asks…

How long before Adderall is out of system?

If I took 20mg of Adderall (Non time release) at 11:00 AM yesterday April the 6th, would I be straight for a drug test on Saturday the 9th at about 1 or 2?

I plan on drinking lots and lots of water, orange juice and cranberry juice as well as coffee over the next few days.

Am I okay? thanks!!!

i was looking for more opinions

Hcg Diet answers:

The answer doesn’t change.

72-96 hours. Drink all that stuff you want, it won’t help. It’ll just make you pee more but won’t eliminate the drug any faster.

Thomas asks…

Will I pass an urine test?

I smoked 20 days ago. The last time before that was 4 moths ago. I need to test in 5 days or 6. I am 5ft 7in and 200 pounds. I am heavier. I have been drinking three bottles of water a day, coffee, and cranberry concentrate pills. I started taking azo. I took a drug test the home one, negative

Hcg Diet answers:

You will most likely pass “an urine test”.

Nancy asks…

How to get the THC out of my system in 2-3 weeks?

During the summer, so about a month and a half ago, i would smoke like 2-6 times a week. The past 6 weeks i have smoked like 10 times. i have not smoked for a week but in like 1 1/2 weeks i need to be completely clean. How can i do this? im pretty skinny, like 125lbs 5’6 and athletic. People say that if your skinnier it should take less time to be clean and that working out helps. Does it really? And is there anything i should be drinking a lot of in the next 1 or 2 weeks. And should i like drink a bunch of water the morning im going to get the drug test and then pee a few hours before it n then drink more water? or does maybe coffee or cranberry juice help? if so what kinds? like caffeinated?What are your best recommendations? And do u think its possible get the THC. Thanks
oops last sentence is supposed to say and do u think its possible to geth the THC out.

Hcg Diet answers:

I am a former Medical Marijuana patient. No amount of water coffee, tea caffeine, cranberry juice, AZO cranberry tablets, niacin, herbal products, or vinegar will help to clear your system of THC. No tried and true kits, nothing that you can take, will clear your system of THC. At home drug screen tests are insensitive and unreliable, they often report false negatives. The rest of the world tests vary by type and lab. Basically urine tests. 60-90 days, blood 2-4 months, hair 110 days, swab, 72 hour.

David asks…

Why was I arrested driving home from church early in the morning the day before New Year Eve?

I can’t understand why I was arrested. I had a knee operation and couldn’t do the straight walk, but I told her that. Then I had only coffee that morning and told her, and said I don’t drink and drive,ever Then she shined a flash light in my eyes, and said I was on drugs and had to take a blood test or go to down to the jailhouse with her. I agreed and it’s been over a month and still no blood test results back yet from the police Laboratory. I told my lawyer and he didn’t want to do anything until we get the lab results, so I am fuming mad. l Now as a tax payer, why am I targeted and told I’m a horrid criminal, and stuff and yet I have to sit here and take it. I am at home and waiting for this answer! Not understanding she, police officer lady, would be so mean, when always I’ve been a law abiding citizen, Why?

Hcg Diet answers:

If you were not doing any illegal drugs or on prescribed drugs that say you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery (car), you should be all set. It takes time for results to come back.

If you did nothing wrong, I can understand your frustration. But the police officer was doing her job. Sadly we are often lied to, so don’t be upset that the police officer possibly didn’t believe you. The officer would be in trouble if she let a drugged/drunk driver go without requesting the test and then that driver hurt or killed someone.

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