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Mandy asks…

What are the benefits of B12? What kind of foods contain the highest percentage of B12?

I saw on an info-mercial late one night that B12 can make you feel better. That it helps with memory loss, depression, lack of energy, and several other benefits. The Dr. also said that you could not take too much of it. Is there any truth to this? Also what is the best way to get this vitamin into your system?

Hcg Diet answers:

Technically, yes, they’re right. B-12 helps for energy and because of that, it can help support mood. When it’s taken with Folic Acid and B-6, it can help to fight harmful levels of Homocysteine which helps with cardiovascular health.
I haven’t heard of it specifically supporting memory, but I suppose it could because it can help with energy in the whole body including the brain.
As far as “could not take too much of it”, that’s partially true. It’s a water-soluble vitamin, so if your body can’t use it, it will excrete it from your system… But you can take too much of anything at once (like if you chugged a whole bottle of B-12 pills, that could be bad).

As far as the best way to get it in your system, taking a daily dose is the best because your body won’t store it. Some people prefer swallowing a capsule, some prefer sucking on a lozenge… A lot of that depends on each person and whether they can handle a lozenge in their mouth for half an hour or so.
Typically, the lozenge will get the B-12 into your system the fastest, but any form of it that’s taken daily will still get into your system.
I would personally stay away from the shots because you’re literally getting a super-dose once a week or so and your body tries to filter and process out the B-12. Since it’s water-soluble, all of it is usually processed out before the week is up. I know quite a number of people that have gotten sick when they got a vitamin shot because it was too much for their bodies to handle… So they’d be sick for a day or two each time they got a dose.
It’s up to each person to decide which form they would like, but 500-1,000 mcg is a normal dose.

Chris asks…

Taking too much iron? Vegetarian question.?

I became a vegetarian last november (for those of you who know, I’m a pesca-ovo-lacto-vegetarian, I eat fish, eggs and milk) but lately I’ve been very tired. I eat tons of protein – cheese beans, tofu, and TVP (if you don’t know what it is, don’t worry about it, it’s a BETTER source of protein that meat!) but I totally neglected to supplement my iron intake. (duh)

So, I went out to buy iron supplements and I found IRON AID!
Which contains:
150mg vitamin C (250% daily value)
Folic Acid 400 mcg (100% daily value)
Vitamin B12 100 mcg (1,667% daily value) !!!
Iron 25 mg (139% daily value)

Well I’m not on a 2000 calorie diet. My intake is more like 1,200 calories per day. I’m a smaller person (we’ve been over this with my doctor, I just can‘t eat that much! And I’m a healthy weight!)

What’s this all gonna DO to me? Is ODing on these vitamins going to have annoying side effects?
Go ahead. be graphic. I can take it.
Just don’t be rude about my choice to be vegetarian.
will consult a nutritionist…when I’m richer. Right now, I’m on an HMO and my group would NEVER approve a nutritionist in a million years. I doubt they’d test my blood, but I can ask my jerk doctor :o )
there is such a thing as a pesca-vegetarian. We’re not all vegans. Some us boycott the poultry and beef industry and don’t have a problem eating fish.
Expand your thinking.

Hcg Diet answers:

You don’t need that much iron. A fortified cereal in addition to what you are already eating should be sufficient. You might want to check the nutrition label on your milk too, some have a little added iron. Too much iron can cause bowel problems and stomach ulcers. Some studies even suggest that being slightly anemic may reduce your risk of heart disease (slightly being the operative word; if you’re feeling sick it’s not good).

That’s also quite a bit of B12…I don’t think it’s toxic but you don’t need that much. You will be getting enough from the eggs, milk and fish. If you’re eating all of those things in addition to lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains you really don’t need a supplement of any kind.

Joseph asks…

Overdose of vitamin B12?

I started taking B12 today. I took two pills accidentally. They are 2500mcg. sublingual tablets. I haven’t taken it before and have mild tingling. I know it’s suppposed to be water soluable but I’ve also read that you can take too much. Should I be worried?

Hcg Diet answers:

No cause for alarm. This is a one off mistake that will not give you any problems. You could skip the B12 pill tomorrow and resume the one a day the following day as per the instructions on the container.

You can find further information in a search for “vitamin b12″ + overdose.

David asks…

can you get too much prenatal vitamins?

was given prenatals that contain:
……….high energy prenatal……………………………..
a-beta caroteen 38%
c 250%
d 50%
e 100%
k 25 mcg
thiamin 882%
riboflavin 850%
niacin 375%
b6 400%
folate 125%
b12 250%
biotin 100%
pantothenic acid 180%
calcium 19%
iron 167%
phosphorus 5%
iodine 100%
magnesium 44%
zinc 100%
and a few other little things…

…..healthy brain development………………………………………
dha/epa (omega 3s) 2200 mg
……..mineral complex……………………………………..
d 100%
calcium 100%
phosphorus 13%
magnesium 50%
hesperidin complex, broccoli powder and soy isflavones.

recently found out i am pregnant. i bought regular over the counter prenatal vitamins and have had no problems with them.

mom is into “all natural” vitamins and has given me the “prenatal kit” which has three different bottles seems like there is ALOT going on in this thing… can you take too much vitamin? or is it good for
thanks to all of you who took the time to even glance over this. the only rude comment i have recieved is from “mom to be at 14″…and i think that says enough in itself. thanks ya’ll!

Hcg Diet answers:

As long as you are taking enough folate and B vitamins you should be okay. The DHA is a great substance for fetal development as well as the baby’s immune system. These nutrients are just being used to suppliment what you are not currently taking in your diet. The folate/folic acid is very very important because it helps with proper development of the brain, eyes, and spinal cord and will protect agains things like spina bifida.

Hope this helps… Good luck!

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