Your Questions About Can You Drink Rubbing Alcohol

Susan asks…

Can you drink rubbing alcohol?

Isn’t it 95% alcohol, 5% water?

It would be just like drinking everclear wouldn’t it?
lol glad I asked

Hcg Diet answers:

Alcohol is a broad category, but the only one safe to drink is ethanol.

Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl. It will kill you with less than 15g (under 1oz).

Chris asks…

Can I drink rubbing alcohol?

I ran out of alcohol, and was checking through my cupboards. I came across a large jug of “isopropyl 90% ‘Rubbing Alcohol‘” I took a sip of it and it tastes pretty normal.

I think if I mix it with soda and chug it down, it won’t taste too bad.

Is this a good idea? How would you recommend I drink it?

Hcg Diet answers:

Yea you can, and you can get a n ice little buzz from it. But it kinda burns if you drink it straight. Mix it with your favorite soda or fruit drink, and let the good times roll! I wouldn’t recommend consuming more than one bottle of rubbing alcohol a day though. Bottoms up!

Robert asks…

Can you get drunk by drinking rubbing alcohol?

By rubbing alcohol I mean the stuff that comes in a plastic container and is used for cleaning and medical purposes. How much of it would you have to drink to see symptoms?
I really appreciate you guys caring enough about me to tell me this. I am a 14 year old boy and I have this mad desire to see what it feels like to get drunk. My parents just bought a bottle of wine and I’ve been sneaking a few gulps but I wanted to do something major like drink an entire beer or something you know. I’m just very curious about alcohol. I really appreciate your concerns.

Hcg Diet answers:

OK, the answer is pretty simple….regular drinking alcohol is also a poison. Too much of it will kill you. The difference is that the alcohol in rubbing alcohol compounds is half as intoxicating and 3 times as deadly. In other words…
To get as drunk, you have to drink twice as much, but that would be like having 6 poison doses! So by the time you feel drunk you’d also feel dead, or if your lucky be blind with no kidneys.
Now, some rubbing alcohol preparations do use Ethyl alcohol (drinking alcohol), but they have a bittering agent making it undrinkable. You throw it up as soon as it goes down, if you can swallow it.
Remember, even regular drinking alcohol is POISON in large quantities, treat it with respect!

William asks…

Can you drink rubbing Alcohol?

Not that I want to or would ever try, I am asking out of curiosity? What would happen if you did?
Once again I don’t want to try I was just curious I was using some to clean with early and the thought crossed my mind

Hcg Diet answers:

Yes you can, but don’t as everyone else has said it’s more poison than normal alcohol which is ethanol, rubbing alcohol in isopropal. This alcohol is also found in mouthwashes like listerene and scope. These products are often consumed by jail and prison populations.

The three most common forms of alcohol poisoning are ethanol, methanol, and isopropanol (isopropal alcohol). Ingesting these types of alcohol can have horrible and life threatening consequences.

Isopropanol is found in OTC rubbing alcohol (70% isopropanol), antifreeze, skin lotions, and some home cleaning products.

Death from ingestion of isopropanol is uncommon. Isopropanol has 2-3 times the potency of ethanol and causes hypotension and CNS and respiratory depression more readily than ethanol. Peak levels occur approximately 30 minutes after ingestion because of rapid GI absorption, which is delayed in the presence of food. Isopropanol is a CNS and cardiac depressant with about twice the potency of ethanol. Serum levels more than 400 mg/dL are potentially fatal.

Approximately 20-50% of isopropanol is excreted unchanged by the kidney, while 50-80% is converted in the liver to acetone, which is a CNS depressant in its own right. Acetone is excreted primarily by the kidneys, with some excretion through the lungs. The elimination half-life of isopropanol is 4-6 hours; that of acetone is 16-20 hours. The prolonged CNS depression seen with isopropanol ingestion is partially related to acetone’s CNS depressant effects.”


Isopropanol Alcohol Ingestion can cause severe GI hemorrhage, refractory hypotension, and hemolytic anemia.

Although most cases of Isopropal Alcohol ingestion are accidental and by younger children there are cases of adults ingesting isopropal alcohol in suicide attempts, for recreation and misuse by alcoholics desperate for alcohol.

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