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Donna asks…

IMPORTANT QUESTION ! Can you drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?

Hi so im going out tomorrow night with all my friends but im taking clavamel for tonsillitis since Sunday. Can you please tell me if i can drink alcohol ? Is there a limit on how much i can drink ? Please answer I dont wanna drink and have a bad reaction and end up in hospital for the 2nd time this week :P
Thank you :)
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Okay so I read the leaflet that came with them just to see what it said and it says nothing about alcohol at all !..Nothing so can i still not drink ?

Hcg Diet answers:

Depends on the antibiotic. Read the warning paperwork that came with it for a definite answer. Depending on the antibiotic, alcohol may cancel it out completely. Which doesn’t sound bad, but it also means you haven’t taken the complete regiment and you’ve built an immunity so you can’t ever take that antibiotic again.

Though since you are suffering from tonsillitis, I’d suggest not drinking even it it won’t interact with the antibiotic. The alcohol may irritate your throat and increase your troubles.

Here is an article from the Mayo Clinic about antibiotics/alcohol –

Chris asks…


OMG hi…im really stressing out coz…i hav so many after skool parties and i luv to drink…but im on an antibiotic called cephalexin for my ingrown toe nail…so i havent taken any since yesterday morning, will i be able to drink tonight…? or tomorow night if i dont take any till after then =)
omg plz help, im 16 and a guy by the way

Hcg Diet answers:

You need to take you medication and finish the prescription as ordered. You can’t drink!! It will screw up the antibacterial activity. The way you are taking them now, you will probably get a resistant strain of bacteria in your toe and really get a nasty infection.

Maria asks…

Can I drink alcohol if ive taken antibiotics today?

My doctor gave me an antibiotic called Amoxicillin yesterday for my cough, and I took 1 this morning (im meant to take 3 a day – 1 every 8 hours)
Im going to a party tonight and im not sure if I should drink or not.. ive heard its dangerous to drink alcohol when your on antibiotics. What do you think?

also its not a serious cough, chest infection, pneumonia or whatever..

Hcg Diet answers:

There is no interaction between amoxicillin and alcohol. Current guidelines advise AGAINST routine use of antibiotics in lower respiratory infections.

Helen asks…

Can I not take my antibiotics for a night so I can drink for news years?

So i just started taking antibiotics on Tuesday for a case of strep throat. My last day of taking the meds is on saturday. Im wondering if i can not take my pill tomorrow so i can have a few drinks and enjoy news years then take one saturday and the last on Sunday? Or do i take a HUGE risk of an even worse case of strep throat?

Hcg Diet answers:

I have just mentioned to someone else if you are taking Metronidazole do not drink for 48 hours because you will be SIIIIIIICK! As a dog.

If you are taking the likes of amoxicillin then you can drink with no problem and take the antibiotics it will not make you sick. If the label on the front of the box says AVOID ALCOHOL then you should avoid alcohol. If this is not stated in bold letters or told to you by your pharmacy that you should not drink while taking these you will be fine

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