Your Questions About Can Hcg Cause Pregnancy

Paul asks…

Can anything cause a pregnancy test to show a false negative?

Okay, so we all know you can‘t get false positives, unless you’re having a chemical pregnancy or if you’re taking certain fertility drugs.

But is there anything that can cause the test to show a false negative – apart from low HCG counts? Let’s say a kidney infection, or a bladder infection… can those cause false negatives?

Hcg Diet answers:

No it will only be negative if your hcg levels are not high enough or your not pregnant

Sandy asks…

What is the cause why a pregnancy test will show negative and you are really like 20 weeks pregnant?

I know it can happen I have read about woman that have tested negative on both urine and blood and finally requested a ultra-sound and found out they were mid way in there pregnancy. My question is why would cause such a low level of hcg or what makes the hcg not detectable? Please no silly comments as I do know that this can happen and is more common then the medical field whould like you to know.

Hcg Diet answers:

Because at a certain part of your pregnancy your body stops releasing “hcg” the early pregnancy hormone it usually dies off in your second trimester. The hcg is responsible for sustaining the early pregnancy until the placenta kicks in making progest. And other hormones to further sustain the pregnancy. The farther you are along the more likey your levels are reallly reallly realllly low haha if not nonexistant

Richard asks…

I heard that Ovarian Cysts can cause a pregnancy test to be this true?

I heard this on a website. It said this is True because the cysts form hcg.the hormone you produce when pregnant which may cause it to be posotive.

Hcg Diet answers:

I have ovarian cyst and yes it can cause a preg test to come up positive when in fact you are not pregnant.

John asks…

Can an infection cause a Blood test to come up negative for pregnancy?

If a person has a bacterial infection can this cause the hcg to not be found. And why is it some women have negative blood pregnancy test and they are still pregnant? Are blood test no longer accurate after a certain point in pregnancy? I am talking about later on in pregnancy. Like in the 2 to 3rd month. The early time in pregnancy already has an explanation.

Hcg Diet answers:

No, a blood infection would not affect a pregnancy test. Some women produce very low amounts of the hormone HCG which is the hormone pregnancy tests detect. Therefore, when they test, even though they are pregnant, the test comes back negative. Also, throughout a pregnancy HCG is produced so a pregnant woman would test positive throughout her pregnancy and for a short time afterwards.

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