Your Questions About Can I Have It Like That

Susan asks…

Does he like me or not? *confused*?

I‘ve already asked this question, but I haven’t gotten any answers. So here’s a 2. go at it. BTW if you read this, please answer…

Ok, so there’s this guy in my class and he’s really nice.
My BFF never liked him but now that he’s the best friend of my best guy friend she’s gotten to know him better and thinks he’s nice.
So now I don’t have to worry about my friend not liking him.
He looks my way very often and asks for my help sometimes.
And I offer my help. around 3 or 4 months ago one of the girls in my class (not enemy or friend) asked me if I liked him (like-like him). And I didn’t.
So I said no and she said that he likes me. Then she went away and I don’t know if he LIKED or LIKES me.
I‘m not really one of the popular kids in class and I‘m 13 so I‘m actually wondering if that‘s even possible that he likes me.
I think I can get to know him better since he’s the best friend of my best guy friend. And so now that I have a crush on him I can‘t tell anyone.
I only have 1 BFF and I already once had a crush on someone else and she told like 5 people from class so eventually my crush found out.
I can‘t do this alone.
The guy and the one girl that told me he likes me, they’re not close friends. It‘s possible she just snatched it up as he was telling it someone. And I don’t think she told him that I didn’t like him. He’s only gotten nicer
AND we look into each others eyes for about a second..
I can‘t talk to him or his friend or they will know and I don’t want him to know just yet. Gimme 2 more months. But until then. WHAT TO DO?!?!?
But last wednesday my class had swimming in school like each wednesday and I didn’t swim often because I was sick often and had girl problems. So then he asked relatively snappy why I didn’t swim. It did come over quite rude and now I dunno what to think

Hcg Diet answers:

He likes you. Doesn’t matter if you’re popular or not. Go for it. Talk to him :)

Maria asks…

What do I do about him? HELLLP :( ?

So I like this guy that can be really outgoing one week and then really shady the next. This has been going on for about a month and I still don’t know how he feels about me, but my friends figure that the only reasons he acts shady sometimes is because I need to be alone with him and get to see how he is around me.

So he’s acting outgoing now, and I‘m trying to take advantage of it so I asked to hang out with him. He said yes, and the DAY (today) we were supposed to hang out he didn’t text me or anything and it‘s like he’s trying to avoid it. I know for A FACT he’ll try to talk to me tomorrow,

So what do i do?

Do I ignore him? Act mad? Blow it off?

Hcg Diet answers:

No, dont blow it off, or act mad, act casual but do ask him the reason why he couldnt meet up

Carol asks…

I’m 18 and I think I am pregnant, advice?

The last couple days I‘ve started putting the pieces together and now I am almost certain that I am about 3 weeks pregnant. I‘ve taken 2 pregnancy tests already, 17 and 24 days after my last period. They both came back negative; however, my cycle is shorter than most women at about 20 days, so if the tests were accurate it should have showed but I‘m afraid I may have taken them too early. I usually get my period about every 2-3 weeks but it has been 4 weeks today since my last. I was supposed to get my period 8 days ago and it has never been anywhere near this long between periods which really raise my suspicions.
I also have many pregnancy symptoms besides my missed period such as frequent urination during the night, waking up anywhere from 2-5 times just during sleep, even if I didn’t drink liquids before bed, this has never happened to me before. I feel VERY bloated and I believe I‘ve gained some weight; even my boyfriend has noticed I‘ve gotten chunkier and for the past 4 years my weight has never really fluctuated. My boobs appear to have gotten slightly larger; I have smaller boobs so it‘s easy to notice a difference. A couple weeks ago I was really sick with an upper respiratory infection and when I started throwing up I figured it was just because I was sick but now I believe it was morning sickness. The first time I threw up was when I was on the porch and my roommate started smoking; the smell of smoke is not exactly appealing but I‘ve definitely been around it a lot and it‘s never made me throw up before. When I was pumping gas yesterday the smell made me extremely lightheaded and dizzy which never happens to me, I actually used to like the smell of gas. And speaking of gas I have been very gassy lately, similar to what my sister went through in her pregnancy.
My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years now and we’ve been friends for a little over 3 years so I know that he is a really great guy and he will do everything in his power to be a great dad especially since his was never there for him. We currently live together and have been for about 4 months now. He has a job as a landscaper making $1100 a month for the 6 months of winter, plus any extra for additional jobs he does and then he makes $1600 a month for 6 months during the summer plus extra for the jobs. I‘m currently in my first semester of college to become an elementary school teacher and I have a part time job making around $850 a month. However, I work at a flexible job where I can pick up about 10 more hours a week getting paid $8.49 an hour so I‘ll be bringing in a bit of extra money, about $340 a month before taxes. We’re going to be moving into a bigger place in about a month for $600 w/ utilities included whereas right now we’re renting for $575 w/ utilities. I know our money situation is not amazing by any means but we’ve never had problems treating ourselves to stuff so I know we have extra money coming in.
As far as stuff for the baby, my mom has a crib from when we were babies, my sister just had a child so I can ask her for extra clothes when her daughter grows out of them, my mom is a seamstress and makes TONS of things for my sisters baby, such as onesies, outfits, blankets, sheets for the crib, pretty much anything we need made from cloth which will save a TON of money. As far as a stroller or any additional furniture I can try looking in secondhand stores such as Goodwill and look on craigslist. I believe I can make it work. I live less than 3 miles from my mom and she loves babysitting for the weeks my boyfriend has to work then on his weeks off he can watch the baby. I just have this feeling that I can be a good mom and I want to make this work. As far as my future plans I am definitely staying in college and getting my bachelors degree. I‘m considering taking some online classes so I can get in more hours at work, not to mention I work in a slow paced job where I‘m allowed to study and do my homework. I have yet to tell my parents or anyone except for my boyfriend because I am not yet certain that I am pregnant. I was just hoping for some advice.. Thank-you :)

Hcg Diet answers:

Wow… Well you seem like you are stable and in a good situation to bring a baby into the world if you are. So you have nothing to worry about with that. And as far as the pregnancy your best bet would be to get an apt because no on here is going to be able to tell you if your pregnant or not, they can say what they think but not positive. As far as your symptoms it sounds like you might be but it also could be in your head for thinking you are pregnant. So your best bet would be for a doctors apt, or try to take another pregnancy test the end of this week with first morning pee, as hard as it might be try not to pee so much at night and dont drink lots of fluids before you take it because it could be diluted or you dont have enough hcg by the time you take the test.Good Luck:)

Betty asks…

Can somebody help me with NON HD TV sets?

Okay, I just bought a 46″ SHARP TV because I wanted to see ‘all four colors’ as the ad suggests.
So far, I‘m not favorably impressed at all!!

Also, due to restrictions in the apartment complex where I live, I cannot put up a dish in the front yard
which is where I would have to place an HD dish. The current dish (with dish network) is an older model, NON HD, and located in my back yard. The dish guy was around the other day and said the HD dish would have to be placed in a different spot, since the satellite is in a different location in its geo synch orbit, which I cannot do.

It has been suggested that I switch to a cable system like Comcast but I‘ve had that in the past and disliked it very much; I have had satellite service for 9 years and really like it.

I have seen HD TV at other people’s houses and, honestly, I‘m not horribly impressed with what I‘ve seen.

Is it possible to still get NON HD TV sets? It doesn’t really have to be a flat screen.

Any suggestions about this and brand names would be helpful.


Hcg Diet answers:

If satellite is really not an option due to the apartment’s rules, then your only other choices are either cable or a good old fashioned antenna. You don’t need to put an antenna on the roof to get good reception. Newer antennas may be mounted inside the house which should avoid the problems with your apartment complex’s rules.

Otherwise, as you’ve seen, watching non-HD channels on a HDTV is a bit of a waste, and actually looks worse.

If you want to try the antenna route, check out This site will help determine which antennas will work for you based on your address. They also have a lot of information on how to deal with different situations – like apartments. You will only be able to get local channels (e.g. NBC, PBS…) but you’ll get them in HD, and won’t have to pay a penny (well, except for the antenna.)

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Your Questions About Can I Have Your Number Script

Richard asks…

This any good :I ….?

okay, this isn’t a script, just an outline…

Me – ‘I‘m getting the bus here on saturday so I was wondering if you wanted to meet up and walk down’.

Her – whatever she says

me – If yes ‘ Great, well give me your number so I can say when I‘ll be there’
If no ‘okay…etc.. ‘

Then say that I‘m going near where she lives on the way back.

And then ‘I didn’t have any cash on me last week so I couldn’t say yes to a sandwich haa but I‘m pritty hungry now and its a 1.5 hour journey so do you want to get something to eat before the bus?’

Hcg Diet answers:

Well constructed mate makes sense…..Yeah its fine although dont be so technical 1.5 just summin more calm and relaxed.

The bus will take a while ya wanna grab something to eat, I would leave out the bit about no money last time makes you seem cheap or broke.

Joseph asks…

Why do guys get surprised and shocked when a woman?

ask them out or wants to get their phone number? What is so shocking about this? All that what Mike T said on my previous question is all very recognizable as being scripted. When ever a guy starts talking like that to me and he then ask for my phone number. I surprise him and say something like, well I just got this number. But you can give me yours. Or better yet let me call your number right now and then save it in my phone. That works EVERY time I use it.

Or lets exchange numbers instead of me just giving you mine. Also they get surprised when women are up front with them and know what they want. I‘m like that, if I see a guy I like and I approach him we more than likely will spark up a conversation and I‘ll have his number in less than a minute. But if he tires to play hard to get I just brush him off and move on to the next.

Hcg Diet answers:

I wouldn’t be shocked. I’d love it.

Steven asks…

Teen Gay Help needed :( ?

Right, Im 17 and Gay and single. I live in middlesbrough and i have a problem. Its quite scripted because i wanna tell you everything that was said :P

In March, 1st encounter, I was walking through a nearby street with a friend and there is this (forgive my stereotype but) geeky looking lad, curly hair but i thought he was cute. Looks about 16. He was walking behind us, so i turned round n randomly called him
“Sexy”, Intially as a joke lol.
He replied “Yea i know, its good aint it”

Now its may, 2nd encounter, i was at the beck (stream/woods) with the same friend and the lad and his friend walked past us.
He then asked “do you wana bum me?” lol.
i replied yeah and then his friend started shouting
“Hes really gay you know! Hes not joking!” lol
so i asked “Can i have your number” and apparently his mobile is broke. now this is where it gets strange. They stood were the convo ended and started following me and my friend back to our street. At one point, his friend gave the hand signal to come over but i left it.

3rd encounter, it was pounding with rain, me and my friend were in our den area. He came in alone and saw us, then started to leave. We followed him and my friend questioned him. I said:
i‘m waiting for that bum sex”? lol
and he laughed and replied “shurrup” :P

I always see them occasionally from distances and round corners or walking to school. But what should i do? are they messing?
I feel like they feel scared or that im a chav/scally or something and im taking the piss but im not lol.

what now? :(
x help really appeciated x
good point but you can tell when some1 likes u n doesnt

Hcg Diet answers:

This was, forgive me for saying this- romantic. Lol
Well, he does seem gay. I don’t see why they would mess around for so long otherwise. Try and find out about them..stuff about them. Ask a female freind or the local gossiper if the boy has dated girls or not. Just find stuff and then it’ll be quite clear.
Though he seems really interested and the way you write it very interesting too. Lol
I mean why else would he make such cool replies? I don’t seea straight guy doing that for so long.

Try it anyways- ask him out. You have got nothing to lose, so I suggest u just give it a try. If you don’t even try once, you will be left wondering always..and trust me, you will be like- i should hae asked him, but by then it will be too late.

My opinion though..but really you don’t stand to lose anything so whats the harm in trying? If he is cute and u r interested then go ahead! :)

Laura asks…

Teen Gay help needed — part 2?

Right RECAP:

Right, Im 17 and Gay and single. I live in middlesbrough and i have a problem. Its quite scripted because i wanna tell you everything that was said :P

In March, 1st encounter, I was walking through a nearby street with a friend and there is this (forgive my stereotype but) geeky looking lad, curly hair but i thought he was cute. Looks about 16. He was walking behind us, so i turned round n randomly called him
“Sexy”, Intially as a joke lol.
He replied “Yea i know, its good aint it”

Now its may, 2nd encounter, i was at the beck (stream/woods) with the same friend and the lad and his friend walked past us.
He then asked “do you wana bum me?” lol.
i replied yeah and then his friend started shouting
“Hes really gay you know! Hes not joking!” lol
so i asked “Can i have your number” and apparently his mobile is broke. now this is where it gets strange. They stood were the convo ended and started following me and my friend back to our street. At one point, his friend gave the hand signal to come over but i left it.

3rd encounter, it was pounding with rain, me and my friend were in our den area. He came in alone and saw us, then started to leave. We followed him and my friend questioned him. I said:
i‘m waiting for that bum sex”? lol
and he laughed and replied “shurrup” :P

Since, then, he has become really really shy. If he sees us he smiles and tries to avoid walking past us. But he will chat etc if he does.
I have now asked his best friend again, when he was on the way to school, and he said “god honest truth, hes gay”

4th encounter, was yesterday, him and his friend were on their bikes and i shouted “hey its my babes” lol, then rode stood up on bike so i said “nice arse” and replied “thanks” smiling.

Right, but the problem is, hes very shy. Is he interested or what?
If i take a shot, HOW do i do it?
he never stands still long enough
Its small chat. He must think Im taking the piss

HELP! :(

Hcg Diet answers:

((I got a little confused but I think I got the concept))

Well from what it sounds like your not shy…right? Well go for it…ask him out if that’s how you feel…make a move not one like y’all have been doing…
((if necessary kiss him…make it known you like him…))

I can relate to the shy side cause as a shy person I would like someone else to make the first move.

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Your Questions About Facebook

Sharon asks…

How to stop facebook notification on mail account?

My email inbox is full of facebook notification. Everyday i’ve to delete those and its to irritating. How to stop that?

Hcg Diet answers:

Log in to your Facebook account at

Click on the “Settings” link located near the upper right corner of the page.

Click on “Notifications” under the My Account heading.

Select “Off” for each of the desired categories, and then click the button at the bottom to save the changes.

Mary asks…

What is the YA policy on using the facebook logo in avatars?

Many users have the facebook logo in their avatars. Is that avatar coming from facebook and is Yahoo allowing people to display the copyrighted facebook logo?

Hcg Diet answers:

Yes, that logo is bestowed directly on the user’s photographic avatar for the purpose of sharing with Yahoo! Answers, and the photo is the user’s facebook profile pic. This is a fairly recent innovation (dating back about 3 months or so). It is a partnership agreement between Yahoo! And Facebook to encourage integration of Answers with social networking for the mutual benefit of both corporations and the greater enjoyment of those users who choose to take advantage of the link-up. YA users get to see this form of advertising for Facebook, while Facebook users get to see their friends’ YA stream on their Facebook page.

Nancy asks…

For some facebook is a formidable place of exchange of the ideas, for others facebook is a threaten for the?

For some facebook is a formidable place of exchange of the ideas, for others facebook is a threaten for the?

Hcg Diet answers:

Rioting Brits, an year ago, used facebook to communicate while rioting – internet on mobile.

Steven asks…

How can facebook start to get boring?

I thought facebook was for socializing, not playing around a lot. Alot of my friends on there post statuses about facebook being boring now. It makes no sense.

Hcg Diet answers:

I think Facebook is boring for the most part. I will keep my Facebook account and check it once in a while (maybe once a week if that). It is a good way to see what family and friends are up to, but it does get boring to check it day after day when not much changes.

I do think that Yahoo answers is more educational and generally informative, you can learn what real people think since they are more inclined to be truthful because of the anonymous nature of the site.

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Your Questions About Channel 4 Weather

Susan asks…

Expected weather conditions if global warming is solved?

What kind of weather conditions are expected if global warming is regarded as solved? I am watching Britain’s Big Freeze on channel 4. Is this the expectation of cooling weather?

Hcg Diet answers:

If global warming is solved then temperatures will cool slightly and stay that way
Glaciers will also stop melting and stabilize

Mandy asks…

wii weather channel?

Whenever I open up the Forcast Channel, the current weather is always anywhere from 4-6 hours ago. Is this supposed to happen? Or is something wrong with the channel?

Hcg Diet answers:

Yeah when i check it it’s about 3 hours ago. It updates about every 5 hours or so.

Mary asks…

Does the hot weather effect freeview reception?

I can get the BBC channels and channels like dave,TMF and sky 3 but not the ITV and channel 4 channels. Been like this since monday and i never had any bad reception in the winter, even through rainy,windy weather.

Hcg Diet answers:


Nancy asks…

What ever happened to the weather guy Christoper Nance?

In Los Angeles there was a weather guy named Christoper Nance. He is no longer on the news for channel 4 – I believe. He kind-of just disappeared without a word and I haven’t seen him on other channels. Almost like he fell off the face of the earth??

Hcg Diet answers:

Go to his website and you can see

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Your Questions About Can I Take Ibuprofen While Pregnant

Helen asks…

I felt something *tear* in my back while lifting – help!!?

Yesterday I was moving something heavy and I put my back out – it felt like I tore it, as if I‘d pulled apart two peices of velcro, its right at the bottom of my spine to the left – and feels similar to the sciatica I had when I was heavily pregnant. It is quite painful and I can‘t twist or bend over well – I have bought some heat pads and taken ibuprofen – any one out there have any advice on how long this will take to go away? I‘m half way through decorating!! Also, should I rest it or exercise it? Thanks

Hcg Diet answers:

Call your doctor and ask what you should do. Until you find out if you did tear something you should not do any more lifting or moving heavy items around. Exercising is not recommended until you know what is wrong. You could do more damage to your body.

William asks…

what could be the source of my nausea (recent knee injury)?

Monday afternoon I slipped in the rain and twisted my knee.
I was going to class when it happened, so I went home early, took some ibuprofen, put ice on it, and after a while the swelling and pain had gone down quite a bit so i didn’t go the doctor, but i did buy an ace brace at Walgreen’s.

I can still bend it and everything and it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad.
But yesterday after I fell I got really nauseouss.
I figured it was just because I hurt my knee and that it would go away but today I‘ve felt more nausous than i did yesterday!
plus my lower stomach has been hurting pretty too, but i figured it was from sleeping weird

what could be the source of my nausea?

p.s.–there is a small VERY small chance that I could be pregnant
last period was on february 13

Hcg Diet answers:

The nausea is probably totally unrelated to the knee injury. It could be pregnancy, but it could also be a stomach bug or a mild case of food poisoning.

Daniel asks…

Okay, personal Womens health questions. They are in THIS section cause I recently had a baby.?

I went to my OB/GYN already, His Nurse wouldn’t make me an appointment because I‘m 18 with a baby she says “Well you aren’t pregnant anymore, I don’t need to worry about you making the baby sick, so whatever you have now, you deserve to deal with”
MY INSURANCE ONLY COVERS THIS ONE OB, and besides that, I called to complain and SHE picked up the phone, SHE is the OB’s wife, so she is ALWAYS there, I can‘t get around it, and My normal doctor just keeps saying WELL you have to go to an PB for these problems, I can‘t help you…
So while i‘m TRYING STILL to get in to see my OB,
I thought I‘d ask you people for the meanwhile.

Okay problem 1)
Since I had My daughter (4 mo old) I have gotten Menstral cramps so bad it feels like im in THE END of labour all over again for 3 days stait, It takes 3 ibuprofen 800′s to get rid of it, and i KNOW you arent supposed to take that much but its JUST like labour, I cant take that much pain, this morning i couldnt find my pills and I ended up waking the baby screaming in pain.
2) Accompanied with my cramps and sometimes when I‘m not on my period, I get a SHARP stabbing pain on my lower left side like someone drove a needle in me. When Hollie was in my tummy she always attacked that area, and that is also where my water burst. Can something be wrong there?
3) since I had Hollie i am ALWAYS wet down there, Like slightly goopy, and it will happen within 5 minutes… it takes more than 5 minutes per load of laundry and I don’t have an unending supplie of undies.
Point is, because of this I have “Diaper rash!”
Because I can‘t keep it dry,
I‘ve tried pantie-liners
and even baby powder
to no avail
I still have THAT OB because that is the ONLY one my insurance will cover, and I don’t have enough money to pay for one!
there is no planned parenthood here :/
Boron, Ca. I have no car, btw…
well i know its not a yeast infection because I had those before, its JUST like being wet all the time, like turned on, but im not turned on.
Secondly, Postpartum?
I‘m not depressed at all
I‘m in PHYSICAL pain.
Yes it was Vaginal Birth
No they didn’t “pack” me, just gave me a pad
and it doesnt have a smell at all
just like normal lubricational type wetness, like when you get turned on
Yes, Just normal, not enough for a pad, but enough that I cant keep it dry, and its semi thick so it wont soak into the pantie liner, just sits on top, which is whats giving me the “diaper rash” being wet all the time is irritating the hell out of it, and since my husband and i‘s dad’s (both his dad and my dad) are living with us (they are worthless leaches I swear!) i cant go without panties either.
also, to the next answerer, It is Cornstarch Baby powder.

Hcg Diet answers:

Say this to the nurse:

“The “GYN” in OB/GYN means gynocologist. As in, everything to do with girl parts. If you’re having trouble with your girl parts you should see your gynocologist. I’m having trouble, I want to see a doctor. If you don’t make me an appointment I’m calling the Medical Board and reporting you.”

Most insurance providers allow you to get a second opinion. Find out if they’ll pay for that.

Camp out in the lobby of your doctor’s office.
Bring snacks and don’t leave until you get an appointment or see a doctor.

Go to the emergency room.
They have to treat you. You fill out forms and they pay for everything.


If it was just the liquid, I’d say your system was trying to regulate after the birth, and you just needed time for hormones to settle down. As you know, giving birth wreaks havoc on the hormones and your system could be “confused” for a while. This shouldn’t cause pain.

Because of the pain, I think there could be an underlying injury. Sometimes when muscles and tissues heal, they produce a thick, clear, odorless liquid. This could be normal, but if this injury isn’t something your body can fix on it’s own, well, you won’t get better.

I think camping in the doctor’s lobby is your best bet.
That or calling the California Medical Board and complaining.

Good luck.

Robert asks…

Weaning my almost 1 year old?

Read this whole thing before you get judgmental about weaning.

I have psoriatic arthritis, a genetic autoimmune disease which attacks all of my joints. I feel like I‘m 90 sometimes even though I am just 24. I am breastfeeding my son who will be 11 months old on Monday. I can take one of my arthritis medications while I am breastfeeding, but not the other. This is my problem.

I can take my Enbrel, but it is an autoimmune suppressant, which means I can‘t take it if I get sick because it could cause a serious infection and possibly kill me. I cannot take my celebrex, which is an NSAID pain reliever which is what I used to take for my achy days and every day when I was sick so I wasn’t in pain. Celebrex passes into the breast milk and it isn’t good for babies and their livers.

I haven’t taken celebrex since I found out I was pregnant almost 2 years ago now. My fingers just don’t work any more (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how long it took me to type this). When I get sick, I can‘t take anything for the pain except ibuprofen in moderation and that doesn’t cut it. My son is walking now and I can‘t run around with him very much even when I can take my enbrel because I just get so achy during this time of year. I want to breastfeed till about one year, but I need to wean by then because my son deserves a healthy (relatively) mommy who can play with him and run with him. I am a stay at home mom and he spends most of his time just me so it isn’t like he gets to run around and play at daycare or anything. I‘m all he has. I need useful advice on weaning him.

He does take a sippy cup of water (or juice at grandma’s house) during meal times, but he won’t take a bottle. I‘ve tried a couple different kinds of formula as well as breast milk and he doesn’t seem to like it. I don’t mind weaning him from the breast to the bottle if that is what it takes. We can work on that habit after I‘m feeling better. He eats lots of solids, all three meals and sometimes a snack or two. He does take a pacifier. He doesn’t nurse to sleep. He nurses at bed time and then takes the pacifier and rocks to sleep.

Please give me some advice on weaning him and don’t tell me how magical breast milk is and how a child should self wean and how I should go through all the pain in the world to give my son the mystical powers of breast milk. Yeah, studies suggest that breastfed babies are smarter and healthier and have better eye sight, but walk into a classroom in any high school and point out the kids that were breastfed and which weren’t. I bet you can‘t do it because the numbers in favor of breastfeeding are so slight and skewed by family income level (which is a more accurate predictor of future success unfortunately). I was breastfed and have a serious medical condition, but my best friend was formula fed and is in perfect health. Go figure. Don’t lecture me on breastfeeding please. I know the facts and I made my choice. Thank you.

Hcg Diet answers:

Celebrex is not particularly hazardous while breastfeeding. It’s been studied, and very little passes through into breast milk- certainly not enough to cause problems in an 11 month old.

If you want to wean, of course you can, but don’t suffer without the medication you need while you start the weaning process.

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