Your Questions About Hcg Drops And Period

Sandy asks…

hcg was 1278 on 1/12..then it was 1013 on 1/14…miscarrying?

i found out i was pregnant 1/5…went to the dr on 1/12 to do blood work and hcg came back 1278. i had some left side cramping so i was told to go to the e.r. to rule out tubal pregnancy. they did bloodwork again and my hcg had dropped to 1013. they told me i was probably miscarrying and because its so early in pregnancy nothing can be seen on the ultrasound but that was to be expected even if my hcg hadnt dropped. my lmp was 12/17 but according to the dates i shouldnt have been getting a positive hpt until this week so i suspected what i thought was a period wasnt. looking back at it, it was very light and only 3 days. so my question is…if a woman is having a “period” but is still pregnant would her hcg drop because her body is saying “have a period“, because around now is when i should have a period. i called my dr and im waiting for a call back, hopefully i can get in today to try to figure out what is really going on. also, do ovary cysts ever play a part in hcg levels? hope i made myself clear and didnt just ramble…thanks so much for ur time!!

p.s. i had some light spotting earlier in the week but nothing like a period…ive been told if im miscarrying i should start a period…thanks again!

Hcg Diet answers:

I have had 2 miscarriages and 2 live births. With both mc my hcg levels started falling. With the first mc my body did as it was suppose to and I mc naturally. The second time I mc my body was holding on to a lost pregnancy and I had to have a DNC. I know that it’s hard, but you will just have to wait it out and see what the doc says. I knew I was mc the first time because of heavy bleeding. The second time I went to 10 wks with levels rising but an empty sac. At ten wks is when my levels started falling and then on ultra sound the sac began breaking apart, but I never bleed and cervix never began opening so I had to have the DNC.
I wish you luck and hope for the best.

Donald asks…

Has anyone ever taken clomid and hcg injection and still didn’t ovulate?

I developed follicles on the clomid, but I guess they didn’t “drop” when the hcg was given, although I swear I felt like I ovulated, but didn’t get a period until day 43. Any experience similar would be great to hear.

Hcg Diet answers:

I took Clomid for almost a year and it didn’t help at all. Talk to your doctor, there are other things that can help.

George asks…

when should hcg drop so pregnancy test is negative?

My hcg was 58.4 on June 17th. I should have been around 5 weeks pregnant. I have read that normal hcg range is 18-7,034 for this period of time.
I spotted brown June 15th and thought I miscarried the evening of June 17th because I had some small amounts of clotting, medium period bleeding (for me, which mine is usually not heavy), but it wasnt a pad per hour and by wed., june 18th blood turned brown again, now june 19th, no bleeding. I took a pregnancy test in the evening on June 19th. It shows pregnant still. From what Ive read ept certainty digital test (kind I took) registers 50miu’s Im wondering if I could still be pregnant. While I have read that it can take upto 45 days for hormones to drop to 0 after miscarrage I was on medication and wonder if I had vanishing twin syndrom? I looked 8-9 weeks pregnant at 5 weeks. How long would it take to drop below the digital testing range if I was only at 58.4 2 days prior? Thanks

Hcg Diet answers:

Well about 2 weeks for 45-100 mine was 600 and took 3 weeks you may still be pregnant make an apointment with docters to know for sure

Donna asks…

Will HCG/Blood be able to show if i’m pregnant?

I had a miscarriage starting Oct. 6th. The evening of October 12th my husband and I had sex because the bleeding had stopped. We have since had sex on a fairly regular basis.

October 14th my blood showed -1 HCG so my levels have dropped entirely.

I have no yet started a period and I go tomorrow to get my blood drawn again. Does anyone know if it would be able to show elevated HCG levels at this point if I were pregnant again?

Hcg Diet answers:

I doubt your pregnant again. I had a miscarriage Sept 16-22 and I still haven’t gotten my period yet. I know it suck. Its the waiting game. But if you were pregnant again there is a chance it could show or it wont. This is just something you have to wait out. Its also best to let your body heal after miscarriage doctors recommend 2-3 months after to start trying again.

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Your Questions About Why Is Egypt Protesting

Donald asks…

Why did the Egypt protests get so much more media attention than the Iran protests?

The protests in Iran around June 2009 after their rigged elections were at least 10 times bigger than the ones in Egypt you are seeing now. You can just see from the YouTube videos they were larger, but then how come the media has given so much more attention to what is going on in Egypt than they did with Iran after their elections?

Have any of you noticed this?
@Flower – Half of the Iranian population definitely do not support the theocracy.

Hcg Diet answers:

Easy. Because the media has more access to Egypt than it does Iran.
This will change as violence is now being directed at reporters. Mubarak will
squash the protesters as the cameras flee and you will see no more.
I think he is paying people to do this after what I have read.

James asks…

Why are the egypt protests getting so much attention?

Yes, it’s a revolution but why is it SO important?
@Heidi. Actually, yes. It would. What a stupid question. Of course deadly protests in my own backyard would be more relevant to me than protests across the world.

Hcg Diet answers:

Being American this is a very important issue for you. Egypt has been the one strong country that keeps peace in the region with regards to extremist take over. The US government has been an ally to Egypt by funding the government & doing business since Pres. Carter. A treaty between Pres. Anwar Sadat & the Israelis helps keep countries like Iran from invading or starting a war against Israel. Once Pres. Sadat was assasinated by extremists, Mubarak came into power. The number 2 American enemy comes from Egypt, he is Bin Ladens #2 man. The suez canal is one of the biggest trading ports for the area as some of the oil for domestic products & gas come from OPEC. If Pres. Mubarak leaves suddenly, the country could be over run by other forces with Extreme Agendas. That could cause a new war against Israel which in turn would involve American troops & with such instability it would make terrorist attacks on Americans, American soil that much easier. However, he can’t remain because he has been a Dictator to the people of Egypt for far too long & the people want what other true Democracies have… Freedom of human rights & basic needs to survive. There is so much involved I suggest you google several subjects that relate to the region or just watch the News who give history reports about the region.

William asks…

What is the difference between Iran and Egypt protests? Why support the enemy and undercut the ally?

For more than a week during the summer of 2009, hundreds of thousands of protestors filled the streets of Iran calling for the ouster of its oppressive, fundamentalist Islamic regime. Even though Iran was a demonstrable foe of American security interests, newly-minted US president Barack Obama dictated that American policy was to stand firmly on the sidelines offering no support to the down-trodden populace.

For more than a week during January 2011, hundreds of thousands of protestors filled the streets of Egypt calling for the ouster of its oppressive secular regime. Even though Egypt was a demonstrable ally of American security interests, and, following a brief dalliance on the sidelines of neutrality, third-year president Barack Obama dictated that US policy was to demand that the Egyptian leadership stand down.
Dear Sima,
you are totally wrong. Iran’s regime is a religious dictator ship and the leader (that is surely the dictator) is leader until his death and there is no election for that. and every four years he decides which candidates are approved to take part in the election. it is a thousand time worse and crueler dictator ship in Iran compare to Egypt because Egypt doesn’t have a religious killer regime like Iran.
and keep in mind what happened in Iran was the reaction from people who wanted freedom after 30 years.

Hcg Diet answers:

Absolutely no surprise about Egypt.

The youth (< 30 yrs) keeps hearing about how Obama is like president Carter, but they don't get it… They were not around or most not interested in history.

Carter did the same thing… Missed the overthrow of the Shah in Iran. He could have easily prevented that but turned his back on the Shah when it was well known by insiders that the Shah was at risk.

Now we are going to see Egypt fall with the same Muslim extremist taking over. Just like Iran, it won't be long until we hear the new leader of Egypt telling us that the Holocaust didn't happen and they should wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

This is EXACTALLY what happens when you elect a president that doesn't have any experience. Carter a peanut farmer, and now, Obama, even worse as a community organizer. An Walmart greeter would have been better.

Just watch how this plays out exactly as the Shaw of Iran did. Most likely Obama will be wringing his hands like Carter did, while someone takes our citizens hostage and parades them across the TV every day for 444 days.

Joseph asks…

What happened in Egypt? Why were there protest all of a sudden -put in simple terms please?

Hcg Diet answers:

To understand what happen in Egypt you must know this facts :
1- Mubarak is pro-American who govern Egypt since 1981 , and wanted to put his son as new president on the presidential election on September 2011
2- he make Egypt poor , stole Egypt fortune with his Family (British Journals shows with proofs that Mubarak family escaped between 40 to 70 Billion dollar to U.S.A ,UK ,Switzerland , France , Dubai ), friends ,his company , sell Gas to Israel with 25% of market price (While Israel considered enemy) , make other Arab countries hate Egypt , and make Egypt a Police country, where internal inelegance can arrest anyone and kill anyone and abuse anyone
3- Egypt is most threaten for Israel due to big population 90 millions and big army, and Egypt fortune of resources and smart labor force also Egypt
Defeated Israel 1973 completely, while Egypt and Israel have peace agreement but Israel fear from any other coming government that may do not respect
The peace agreement and give Israel the chance to keep killing innocent people in Palestine like usual, so America, Israel , U.K want Mubarak and do not
Care about democracy, human rights, just want to keep their advantages with Mubarak
4- Egyptians make civil revolution against Mubarak system; it started to collect people through face book, tweeter, etc , most of them is youth 15-30 years old
Who do not find job while they are well educated , abused by police , and want to build a new future of Egypt
5- He stopped internet, mobile, satellite; arrest BBC, CNN, Aljazeera TV agents, close international human rights offices in Cairo
6- He pushed 1 million dirty brutal police forces fully equipped with every facility /tool /weapon to stop the protests
7- the protests arrange the Friday of rage 28 of Jan , and show historical courage never seen in this century and defeated the police completely ,more than 300 protests killed , more than 3000 injured
8- Mubarak pushed the army, but the Egyptian army history is clean and did not ever fire a bullet on Egyptians protests but at the same time high ranks and leaders
Of the army still loyal to Mubarak , while low ranks and soldiers support the revolution inside them selves
9- Mubarak take of the police from streets and open jails for criminals to make looting in the country so people fear and ask for the police help
10- The protests make groups like police to secure the country and arrange traffic and arrest criminals
11- Mubarak put a vice president and new government to make people calm
12- Protests refuse and they want the following:
1- Mubarak must go
2- Canceling the emergency law which gives permission to arrest anyone this law is 30 years implemented and give the dictators the chance to arrest anyone without courts
3- New constitution that secure freedom and democracy, human rights
4- Reelect a new parliament
13- The army leader said, we will not ever fire on people and the people is free to show their choice (the army leaders shows that he natural now , while he still support Mubarak )
14- American hypocrite government started to comment at first with supporting Mubarak cause he is a friend of them and Israel but now they start to show some support to Egyptian protests , now after they sure that mobile cannot continue and protests is so strong after they become more than 8 millions , so America try to find a solution
To be sure that the new president will not be anti-American/anti-west
15- America still supports him until now and gives him every facility to stop the revolution
16 – Mubarak and business men related to him hire criminals and secret police to make a massacred in liberation square and kill as much as protests as they can
And destroy Egyptian museum which hold 75% of human historical ancient antiques which value trillions of dollars , the protests shown unshaken steadfastness
And 1000s injured and killed.
17- The revolution will success and America will lose their power step by step in Middle East because its hypocrite and foolish policy
18- Revolution started in Tunisia and then Egypt and will continue to all Arab countries and this make America and Israel fear, because they support all dictator
systems in Arab countries to keep Arab counties weak , and take the resources of the area , and keep the cancer state of Israel which built by terrorist and crimes
19- This revolution not for specific ideology (it’s not like Iran revolution), protests is Muslims, Christians, liberals, socialist, every methodology in Egypt
It’s the biggest CIVIAL protest in history 8 million (10% of population) , it’s for democracy , freedom , human rights , so why America /EU keep Quit?

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Your Questions About Fox 4 News

Jenny asks…

Why don’t female news anchors dress in more professional attire?

I listen to FOX News Cable a lot and I don’t understand why the female anchors have to dress so slutty. I have always thought that tv news was a serious business. Why shouldn’t it be anchored by women in more professional attire? If female news anchors are highly educated and have excellent credentials and the background for these jobs, then why do they have to dress so slutty and show cleavage? Male news anchors always look so professionally dressed. This is the news, not some show!

Hcg Diet answers:

…It’s a show.

While the dialog may be ‘news’ or commentary, the channel surfers have 1/4 of a second to stay or surf.

Carol asks…

Fox News pro Republican or Democrat parties?

I have Fox News US version in Ireland and I think their shows seem to be one sided, I want to know if I’m right ,do Fox News favor one candidate over another in the up coming presidential election?

Hcg Diet answers:

LOL codyman, its so typical how republicans view anyone objective enough to not simply support them to be left leaning.

CNN, MSNBC and CNBC are all standard news channels that simply pick on either side when the news applies. Fox is the only channel that directly distorts facts and presents the opinions and distortions of its anchors as legitimate news when they are really just simply fabrications.

When CNN criticized Clinton, republicans were upset that CNN was being objective and not descending into the gutter with them by applying the deplorable personal attacks that fox does. But when CNN fails to criticize Bush as consistently as Fox news does the Clintons, or even simply reports on the very many many republicans that have been arrested and jailed for many different crimes over the past 4 year, the same republican bed fellows at Fox get upset that CNN isn’t painting them in a more favorable light.

When the most recent republican vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin opened her mouth and revealed just how empty her head (and by virtue those of her supporters) really was, Fox news accused the rest of the media as being mainstream liberal leaning and blamed the stupidity of this woman on, of all things, the question she was asked?? I mean seriously all she had to do was smile and say “I don’t have an answer right now” but instead she tried to fabricate a response, much like many republicans, but her stupidity caught up with her bull shit as she failed to realize that republicans don’t really do very well in an objective setting. As a result they locked her away somewhere safe for 3 days as they drilled nonsensical responses into her head in preparation for her only debate which after she lost miserably, the same Fox news claimed she won it.

This is why Fox is such a farce that the only reason anyone watches them is to simply hear the garbage that reinforces their stereotypical, ideologically and racially divisive message of fear mongering, xenophobic, class, and racial superiority, not to mention their tried and tested favorite gospel of bible thumping, gay bashing, civil rights restrictions, and trickle down economics that characterizes Reagan loving republicans.

Stay away from Fox news man. You will realize you are actually loosing knowledge the more you watch that channel. You are better off watching the comedy network when you are looking for news, than watching anything on Fox.

Susan asks…

Which is the best network to watch election results on November 4th?


Hcg Diet answers:

CNN is pretty good.

Ken asks…

Can you, without referring to your mental notes provided by Fox News, tell me why Obama is a Commie?

I want YOUR opinions. Not the ones Fox News feeds into your brain everyday.

Hcg Diet answers:

It’s interesting that so many people (maybe over 150,000,000) can believe without a shred of evidence that Obama is a Socialist and or an apologizer and or a Kenyan and or a Muslim and or a serial rapist from Jupiter.

It’s sad and frightening how much power the media has to create stories out of thin air. They know all to well that the ignorant masses will never fact check anything and take all nonsense speculation at face value.

I do not like Obama, just to put it out there, but I do not like Obama for factual reasons such as he has not followed through on any promises and has done nothing different than Bush. It’s like the Clark Kent / Superman thing. Bush just pulls on a black man costume and nobody can tell it’s him.

EDIT: Dodada et al.

1) Pay Czar? You mean advisors are Commies now? I guess I’m a Commie too then because I’m a consultant?
2) Is it Commie when they beg to be bailed out and you give them money and they pay you back and run them again? Guess your a Commie too if you have a bank loan.
3) There were financial regs before Obama and there will be after he leaves. You want Enron to do whatever it wants?
4) I’m tired of this, you’re an idiot if you can’t just go read what Socialism is. I’ll make it easy for you:

Socialism: A form of government wherein the government controls all means of production and business. -Does that sound like what you’ve got?

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Your Questions About Frys

Paul asks…

What type of fried foods have you eaten and what were they fried in?

I am going to open a restaraunt that features nothing but fried foods, side dishes and desserts. I would like to know what type of fried foods you would be interested in eating or what type of fried foods you have eaten and liked?What was the food dipped in and fried in? How did it taste? Would you eat it again or suggest it to your friends? What kind of desert do you like? Give me some great ideas!!!

Hcg Diet answers:

Deep Fried Oreos- I go to the state fair for these bad boys. (They taste like a cake. Yeah I know I can make themself here at home…but hey I rather have someone else make a mess their kitchen and not mine.

Fried Chicken- love it.

Onion Rings- Extra crispy please with a side of ranch dressing.

Deep fried Okra–like it but not that much

Deep fried shrimp- they are okay.

Deep fried ice cream—a great dessert to eat.mmmm

Sopailillia (Fry Bread)–for me its okay I like them a day old.

Sandy asks…

How do you fry good eggs without there being too much oil in them or the frying spitting at you when you cook?

I just want to fry eggs nicely without them breaking up into pieces in the frying pan, having the oil spit at me when I cook and basically cooking good eggs.

Hcg Diet answers:

First, make sure you have the right utensils – a really good non-stick pan is a must, along with a wide spatula for lifting the eggs out afterwards. The pan must be hot, but only add a tiny splash of oil – just enough to grease the pan, not to drown your eggs in it!
Then turn down the heat when you add your eggs, as they need to be cooked on a lower heat than the heat needed to get your oil up to a reasonable temperature.

If the oil spits at you when you add your eggs, cover with what we call a “fat splatterer” – your Nan probably had one! – a fine wire mesh, in the shape of the frying pan. They’re great, as they really do stop most of the fat spitting back at you.

Don’t leave the eggs in the pan too long – there’s nothing worse when they’re burnt on the bottom, and still have runny whites on top. That’s a sign of too hot a pan.

Enjoy cooking your eggs! Mmm…. A fried egg butty is a thing of beauty…

Robert asks…

How to make fried rice with white rice?

So i wanna make fried rice but the only things i have to make it with is oil, rice, and season salt. How can i make the fried rice? Thanks.

Hcg Diet answers:

Fried Rice I

1 1/3 cups uncooked white rice

1 2/3 cups water

3 eggs, lightly beaten

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

3 teaspoons vegetable oil, divided

1/4 pound bacon, cut into strips

1/8 cup soy sauce

1 (10 ounce) package frozen green peas, thawed

2 green onions, chopped


In a saucepan bring water to a boil. Add rice and stir. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, season eggs with salt and pepper.
Heat 1 teaspoon oil in small frying pan, pour in eggs. Coat the bottom of the pan with the eggs, in order to cook them evenly; cook for about 3 minutes. Flip the eggs, cook one minute more and remove them to a cool surface. Let them cool, then cut them into thin slices. Set aside.
Place bacon in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until evenly brown. Drain, crumble and set aside.
Spoon remaining 2 teaspoons oil into the skillet with the bacon fat. Stir in rice; break up any clumps and toss to coat with oil. Stir in bacon, soy sauce, peas, eggs and green onions. Stir and cook until heated through, approximately 3 minutes.


Lizzie asks…

How do you deep fry a turkey to “look” like fried chicken?

I already know about the turkey frying device, but how do you batter or flower a turkey to be deep fried and come out looking like golden brown fried chicken? Any good recipies?

Hcg Diet answers:

Unfortunately, that won’t work unless your turkey is already partially cooked before deep-frying. This is how most deep fried chicken is made, but to do a whole turkey is not practical. You could use a rub like

25 bay leaves, crushed
3 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme
3 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano
1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper
2 teaspoons garlic powder
3 tablespoons Creole seasoning
In a small bowl, mix together the bay leaves, thyme, oregano, pepper, garlic powder and Creole seasoning. Rub onto a turkey and refrigerate for 24 hours before frying according to your favorite recipe.
You may use a dry rub or none at all. Use peanut oil it has the highest smoke temp and is the safest for this application – about 4-5 gallons. Before you season the bird place it in the pot an use a gallon pitcher to fill the pot until the bird is covered – his will establish how much oil to use if there is not at lest 1/2 inch all around the bird this method will not work and your bird will stick – use a smaller bird and cook the large one on the grill or in the oven. Thoroughly dry pot and thawed bird – place oil in pan and use oil thermometer (the one that came with the pan) to gage that the oil is to 275 degrees – now place your dry bird in the pan using the triangle device – go slowly. Allow the temperature to reach 350 degrees and begin timing for 18lbs this will take 1 hour 12 minutes (4 minutes a pound). After the time has elapsed turn fire off then slowly lift the bird from the pan -it will feel 8-10lbs heavier due to the oil fill and resistance so make sure the person doing this can easily lift 50lbs with a steady arm. Allow to rest on a large plate about 20 minutes carve and enjoy! The skin will be crispy and the interior will be juicy.
Do not stuff turkey the stuffing will be a mess-make stuffing on stove or in oven.Do not deep-fry the turkey in an attached building, such as a garage, or on a wooden deck.
Be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy and kitty litter the concrete surface to absorb any splatters.
Once oil has cooled return to original container or other large container and dispose of at oil disposal center-do not pour in drain or on land this needs to be correctly reprocessed.

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Your Questions About Took 2 Allegra

Linda asks…

Seasonal Allergies gave me really bad drainage and runny nose, that eventually stopped, but left me a cough?

I have seasonal allergies. Every summer-to-fall seasonal transition, they get really bad. I take Allegra-D 24hr. It usually works pretty strong, but depending on the allergen levels, if they are really high, it causes me to have drainage and a bad runny nose. After a few weeks of taking my antihistamines, all the drainage and runny-nose stuff went away. I was, however, left with this annoying cough. It was bad at first, but decreased in severity. It has been 3 weeks since all the drainage and about 2 1/2 weeks of the cough to date. Now, every once in a while, I get a small tickle and have to cough. When I breathe deep, it happens. Sometimes when I talk, it happens. It’s almost like a wheezing feeling. I want the cough to go a way. What should I do. I’m a singer, so its really annoying to have this cough. Help?

Hcg Diet answers:

Try going to the doctors and explain the problem they will give these small but effective allergies pills. I have had no problem with mine and no allergies!

William asks…

How long should it take for my new allergy medicine to work?

For a little over a week now, I’ve been waking up every morning with red, irritated eyes that have clear, watery drainage. My mom thought I had pink eye, so I stayed out of school Monday and yesterday. I was finally able to get an appointment yesterday, and my doctor said I didn’t have pink eye, but my allergy medicine was starting to not work as well, so she prescribed me 60 mg Allegra (Fexofenadine Hydrochloride tablets) and Pataday eyedrops (olopatadine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution, 0.2%). Before, I was taking Zyrtec, and eyedrops that I believe were called cromolyn sodium, or something like that. Anyway, the Zyrtec would only help for a little bit after I took it each morning, and the cromolyn sodium drops soothed my eyes, but I had to take them several times a day. I started my new medication this morning. I can only take the Pataday drops once a day, so I took them before school, but my eyes began to itch around lunch. When I got home, I started sneezing like crazy (I ended up using almost 2 rolls of tissue; I still haven’t fully recovered) and my eyes starting itching and having watery drainage again. My doctor told me to contact her if the medicine didn’t work well, but I was wondering if the Allegra takes a few days to have an effect? What about the eyedrops? One thing that I forgot to mention that I found weird was how only my right eye drains, for the most part, and only my right nostril is itching and being runny. I’ve tried pretty much every allergy medication available, and an allergist I visited suggested weekly allergy shots. I have a bit of a fear of needles, but would it be worth it?

Hcg Diet answers:

The drops should last a full day.

The problem is that the Allegra at 60mg requires multiple doses throughout the day.

Give your doc a call.

Good luck.

Joseph asks…

Can you get DQ’d at meps for having minor seasonal allergies?

I take over the counter allegra for 1 or 2 months out of the year in the spring due to my allergies. I’m not on a prescription or anything and the worst of my symptoms is an itchy throat. I know this sounds like a stupid question but I hear about all these meps horror stories where people get DQ’d for the slightest thing.

Hcg Diet answers:

No, if that were the case, there were not very many people in the military!

Steven asks…

Abnormal frequency of bowel movements?

I’m a 63 year old female. I’m a bit embarrassed to ‘lay it all out’, but the only way to get a proper answer is tell it all. I’ve been to doc’s and they tell me it’s nerves, they put me on Xanax for anxiety. I’ve had two different prescriptions on Xanax, one from an emergency room doc and one from a Cardiology doc. I really felt it was my heart, but the doc has said he agrees with the emergency room doc. I lost my husband Dec. 2010. My blood pressure is good, most of the time. (I do take a 20mg. blood pressure pill) I take frequently… as well as my blood sugar. Both are fine. I also take 2 different allergy meds, singular and Allegra. I take a vitamin and a baby aspirin each day. My issue is frequent bowel movements. I have been like clock work all my life, with the exception of occasional stomach issues. This time, it seems my digestive track is always busy, I hear all the gurgling and have as many as 3-4 small BM’s a day. Is my body trying to tell me something? I’m a small eater, having my biggest meal a day for breakfast, then fruits, veggies mid day and between 4-5 I eat a small supper. I drink plenty of water and have apprx. 2 cups of coffee a day. I do not over eat at all, which is why I’m concerned about the frequency of bowel movements. I also walk 25 min. each day. I would go back to the doc if I felt it would do any good. They kind of have it ‘fixed’ as my nerves, so I don’t want to go down that road again. I’m uninsured until I can receive Medicare within the next year and a half. I know I shouldn’t try to self diagnoses, but at this point, I’m already out so much money for them telling me the same thing. Thank you for any insight you might have. God bless.
1 second ago – 4 days left to answer.

Hcg Diet answers:

Are you in any physical distress for your current condition or is this simply a concern because it might be symptomatic rather that a side effect of your diet, vitamins and meds?

It could be that you can’t tolerate as much sugar any longer even though your blood sugar tests were fine.

And yes while this can be the sign of a healthy digestive tract, it can also be the sign of some hyperactivity.


I did check the side effects of Allegra and found only stomach upset, common to most antihistamines. I’m not familiar with singular as a medication, did you mean Claritin?

I was unable to check your blood pressure med as it was unnamed. A more common side effect of Xanax is constipation. Of course that makes me wonder if your stress is causing diarrhea and the Xanax is working to normalize.

Alas as we age some things, which we thought would always be normal, change. Your life recently turned upside down and no matter what your relationship with your late husband, your life has changed in many subtle ways if not huge ways. The aftershocks of such a loss and the subsequent change can appear rapidly as well as slowly both physically and mentally.

I don’t know what you have for breakfast but is it possible that your diet – which seems very health oriented – is over fibered? This could cause both the gurgling and the frequency.

I think the fact that you are uninsured may be causing your additional feelings of panic.

Personally I think you may want to re-evaluate your diet first. Seriously, without other symptoms, keep a daily journal of meds, exercise, diet and bowel habits for a few months and see where you are then.

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